Perceptra is building effective go-to-market channels for blockchain projects. We conduct market research in Korea market, identify effective use cases, build core channels to users, and help projects grow.


[Seminar] Blockchain adoption and use cases with Denso, Toyota, Sony and Gree (Dec/2018, Tokyo)

[Presentation] Commercialization of blockchain technology and go-to market strategy of cryptocurrency as product at BCG Seoul office (Dec/2018, Seoul)

[Interview] Blockchain platform analysis from the perspective of blockchain game developers with EOS Knight team (Nov/2018, Seoul)

[Industry dinner table] Meet 30 hand-picked mobile game studios (Nov/2018, Seoul)

[Industry dinner table] Video games, Mobile games, Crypto games (Nov/2018, Busan)

[Seminar] How to Crypto-games: dive into the potential of NFT (Nov/2018, Busan)

[Booth] G-star conference, the Largest game conference in Korea (Nov/2018, Busan)

[Networking event] DApp Party (Nov/2018, Prague)

[Industry dinner table] Mobile usability (Nov/2018, Prague)

[Industry dinner table] Blockchain & Payment: Where are we? (Oct/2018, Prague)

[Living room chat] Crypto-game vs Blockchain game: Potential of NFT & beyond (Oct/2018, Prague)

[Discussion event] Scalability Quadrilemma in Gaming w/ Thundertoken, Hoard, Horizon Games, Metastable (11/10/2018, San Francisco)

[Living room chat] Crypto-gaming product design insight w/ Cryptokittie co-founder (17/05/2018, New York)

[Living room chat] Role of L1 project for usability w/ Thundertoken, Starkware, Nervos, Arweave, DDEX, Cryptokittie (17/05/2018, New York)

[Living room chat] Where are users? What’s the community? w/ Top blockchain marketing firms (16/05/2018, New York)

[Networking event] Asian Crypto Power Girl event w/ Binance lab (12/05/2018, New York)

[Discussion event] Web3 Unconf Wallet/UX w/ Thundertoken (06/05/2018, Toronto)

[Living room chat] Finding an usable mobile crypto app (non-wallet version) w/ Nonce (25/05/20


Top enterprises, Game companies, research centers in Korea

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